Sep 05 2012

What To Do During A Home Invasion Or Robbery Situation

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Robber Break-InIf your home is broken into while you are home, you should know some tips to make sure you and your family stay safe.  We suggest going over these tips a few times with your family members so that everyone knows what to do.

Stay calm.

This is by far the most important tip we can give you.  If you are a parent, you need to stay calm so you can make sure your children are alright.  If you are not calm, your children will not be calm.

Stay quiet.

You do not want to let the intruder know that people are home in the house.  You never know if the intruder is dangerous and carrying a weapon.

If possible, try getting all people into the house into one room.

Preferably a room with a phone and a window.  This way you have an escape route and a way to communicate with the outside world.  Do make sure that if you are on the second floor there is an easy way out of the window such as roof access or an emergency ladder.

Call the police.

Try locking everyone into a bathroom or another room that may have a small window and a phone available.  Tell the police where you are and that someone has entered your home.  If you know they are carrying weapons then make sure to pass that information along.  You will want to give the police enough information so they know what type of situation they may be dealing with when they arrive.

If you have decided to escape from your home, make sure to look outside first.

Try being covert, but you want to make sure there are not others waiting outside.  If there are others you will want to make sure you report that to the police.  If no one is there, try safely exiting through the window.  Once you have safely exited your home, run to a neighbor or a nearby friend’s home and lock the doors.  Make sure to call the police again so they know you have safely exited the house and where they can find you once they have arrived.

These five tips may seem like common sense, but once you are put into a stressful situation you may forget many things.  These tips are not the only things you should do during a break in, but they are helpful to remember.  After a break in occurs, you will want to make sure to call a locksmith to your home such as Fountain Hills Locksmith Pros to have all of your locks checked and/or changed.  You may also want to think about adding extra security to your home if you feel that it is necessary. The sheer number of locksmiths and lock and key shops in New York are huge: check this complete list of local locksmith services in New York City alone before hiring a local locksmith service.

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